SKYLER JOHNSON, mother of one

"What a beautiful album! Our toddler loves music, and these songs definitely bring a calmer vibe to our household. Whether it’s diaper-changing battles or dinner-time battle, turning on these songs seems to bring immediate peace to his spirit and reminds me as a mom of God’s promises as I sing along.”

tirzah payne, mother of one

"I love that Worship Lullaby contains so many of my favorite worship songs. It is such a calming and uplifting backdrop to any activity! My two-year-old loves it, and I love that these meaningful melodies can be a part of her daily life. I can't wait to play it for my newborn soon!"


"The struggle to find good music for quiet time or nap time is very real.  These songs are so relaxing and beautiful! Worship Lullaby serves as a gentle reminder to rely on God's strength & to love with His love no matter how crazy the day may be."

kaitlin graff, mOPS COORDINATOR

"What a treasure!  These lullabies provide a calm, peaceful background to our days, and I love watching my boys recognize and learn God's truth and love through music."